TLUXX – 7th Angel

TLUXX – 7th Angel:

In biblical terminology, the “7th Angel” is in reference to The Book of Revelation where, in paraphrase, it states: if the 7th Angel blows its horn, God’s plans shall be fulfilled. TLUXX dedicates this song to the friends he lost, at a very young age, to suicide. Trumpets are heard flowing throughout the track to honor the sentiment of the “7th Angel” and let God’s wisdom guide the path of his lost friends. The music video depicts a dancer, translating the meaning of the song through the physical form of free flowing body movement. Filmed in the City of Angels, she especially holds true to the song’s meaning by dancing in front of angel wings and utilizing them as a still prop. With such heart behind an already world-class song, there is nothing standing in the way of TLUXX and his compelling story.