The Warm Hearts Collective – Warm Hearts

The Warm Hearts Collective is a collaboration between songwriter Colin Graham, singer Charlotte Ronald and musicians, Robert McLaughlin, Elaine Shorthouse and Dominic Hardy.

On Friday, 30th November 2018, Colin returned home to find his children and partner already immersed in the Christmas spirit. That night Colin wrote Warm Hearts – the sentiment being that Christmas appears in our lives every year whether we are ready for it or not; but those we love ensure we keep on going and enter into the Christmas spirit despite the pressures of life.

Although the song lyrics perhaps present a more modern take on the festive season, the melody and arrangement of Warm Hearts certainly are not. Its rhythm is the perfect backdrop for just the right amount of sleigh bells and Christmas cheer, whilst the production tips its hat to some of the seventies and eighties classic Christmas songs that act as our soundtrack to this time of year.