The Star Prairie Project – Boom Town Sounds

The Star Prairie Project is back with a brand new release: Boom Town Sounds.

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of singer and songwriter Nolen R. Chew Jr., who specialized in creating inventive, yet catchy radio-ready songs. His most recent release, Boom Town Sounds, happens to be the second featured single from the third star Prairie Project album ‘Rudiger’s Revenge. The song has a focus on great production, but it is no less concentrated on achieving a very creative and intuitive end-result. Boom Town Sounds is definitely not the type of release that you would call a slow-burner, because it has a very immediate spark, combining the intricate textures of modern music with the energetic pulse and spaciousness of the old-school scene.

There is so much space for new ideas, while at the same time, it is all about staying true to a certain set of staples that make this music so endearingly catchy from the moment you hit the play button. Ultimately, this release is quite notable because it stands out as a very deft example of how creative the artist can be, even when walking the thin line between different influences, achieving impressive balance, much like a daredevil walking a rope connecting two very tall buildings. There is so much at stake, but taking the chance to do something different is totally worth it!

Find out more about The Star Prairie Project, and do listen to Boom Town Sounds, which is currently available on some of the very best audio streaming outlets on the Internet.