The Rooftop Rebellion – Roar(Live)

The Rooftop Rebellion - Roar(Live)

Gearing up to record their sophomore EP, The Rooftop Rebellion releases a collection of live recordings from their first handful of shows as a full band. On July 3rd 2018 the Brooklyn-Born Heavy-Rock 4 piece combines roots rock & blues with a huge ambient arena rock sound in their live single Roar.

The Rooftop Rebellion will be hitting the studio in late July 2018 to record a full EP, but wanted to give a taste of their new sound and display the captivating energy of their live performance. This single captures the boldness and raw power of the new-comer band. Scott Aquilino (vocals), James Brady (guitar), Michael Crapanzano (bass) and Anthony Ponzo (drums), all cut their teeth in the music scene playing countless shows in previous bands. Focusing their efforts now on The Rooftop Rebellion, originally a 2 piece started by James Brady and Scott Aquilino, the band looks forward to playing a few shows in NY over the summer before they return to writing.

From Roar(live) You can expect big epic guitar riffs working in parallel with driving bass and drums that could only come from a live performance. The 3 track single gives you a taste of what to expect from The Rooftop Rebellion’s live show. From pounding double bass and face-melting solos to rhythmic bass guitar riffs and soaring vocals, Roar(live) shows the bands influence of the early 2000’s post-hardcore sound mixed with the band’s love for all things rock and metal.

“We wanted a way to bring people into our live show environment, even if they couldn’t make it out to see us. So much of the music we love and listen to was introduced to us live, from just playing shows or attending shows. When you hear something for the first time live you get a different perspective of what the artist is going for and we really wanted to try and capture that feeling” – Scott Aquilino(vocals)

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