The Rezzonators – Highway Nights (Dream River & Other Tales of Adventure)

The Rezzonators presenting their track, ‘Highway Nights’ taken off the full album: Dream River & Other Tales of Adventure

The Rezzonators demonstrate a unique blend of mainstream pop and blues in this playful song about two lovers who experience a car breakdown deep in a forest, far away from city lights. They whimsically take turns trying to scare each other by seeing whisps of fog moving through the trees as ghosts, and flashlight play. Don’t miss out on the second “outro” section of the song. This is possibly one of the finest moments in all of The Rezzonators’ library, using a groove that is truly wonderous to behold. What can be said about Cheri’s vocals that hasn’t been already – perfection. Beautiful harmonies, spectacular melody, she’s just great. Let’s not forget about the rest of The Rezzonators…drums are really clever and snappy on this one. Plenty of Les Paul to go around throughout, delightful! The Milwaukee rockers still got it.