The Pocket Herc – Mama Said

The Pocket Herc presenting exciting new single, ‘Mama Said’

The Pocket Herc is a New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, beat maker & music producer, based in Sydney, Australia. He is an un-signed, independent recording artist, whose debut mixtape ‘2020 Hindsight’ was released in February.

Herc felt inspired to create a mixtape based upon the thoughts, feelings & experiences collected during his journey into adulthood. His style is genre-fluid & inspired by pop, hip hop, country, rock, electronic, grunge, indie, metal artists – heavily influenced by 80’s, 90’s and 00’s tracks, synths & beats.

Herc’s eclectic sound could be described as digital native-focused, melancholy, poetic, moody, lethargic, unvarnished, grunge, anti-pop you can sometimes dance to.

Mama Said – the Song:

I wanted the song to have a Nirvana-esque feeling – melancholic, unnerving, grunge and unpolished, yet catchy. I wanted it to sound reassuring and unsettling at the same time, which I believe it achieves.

The spoken, sing-talk, dry style of vocals reinforce the dreary tone. It is loosely based upon my life experiences, being incredibly introverted, both in highschool and relationships. It’s more about the feeling of isolation and loneliness than anything else. And a mother’s love to reassure her child that everything will be okay… or will it? The chorus is almost hypnotic, like when a cat kneads something fluffy, very soothing and therapeutic.