The Nomadic – Skaterpark

The Nomadic return with the release of new single, ‘Skaterpark’

The new single“Skaterpark” is a track that Rob is particularly excited about as it is very different to the band’s previous musical output. It was co-written by his nephew Guy Stonor who at 17 years old is already an incredibly talented bass player, songwriter, and producer. He approached Rob on a family holiday in Australia and mooted the idea of collaborating on a song together. It didn’t take Rob long to enthusiastically agree – and the results are amazing! The song encourages the listener to ‘deep dive’ into childhood memories and re-experience the carefree, fun times you had with friends. The suggestion is: maybe that joy can be reignited in the present day too? If our experience over the last year of lockdowns has taught us anything it is to reach out to one another and cherish memories made, reminisce and laugh, as well as looking to make new memories in the future? As Rob says emphatically, “I would encourage all listeners to think back to childhood, adolescence and/ or early adulthood! Can you think back to your earliest, best friend? Perhaps reminisce on the times you spent together, the fun you had, the memories you shared! Are you still in contact today? If not, would you consider reaching out to see how they are doing?..”