The Mindscape – Into the Horizon

The Mindscape - Into the Horizon

The Mindscape is back at it with a brand new studio release: Into the Horizon.

July 2020 – The Mindscape is an artist with a focus on creating music in a wide variety of styles, often exploring different creative influences. The Mindscape’s most recent studio effort, Into the Horizon, definitely speaks for itself. This is a masterful instrumental release, featuring music that speaks about the artist’s fondness of retro aesthetics, with a more contemporary twist. Creativity and great sound design are essential components of this track, and the execution is truly spot on.

You will immediately savor the fragrance of this production, with a crisp top, and a softer texture as you reach deeper into the arrangement. The instruments collide together beautifully, and there is a lot of room to let everything breathe, like air bubbles in a perfectly expanded skyline. 

As they say, things can get a little messy when there are too many ingredients in the kitchen, but in this case, The Mindscape managed to pull it off to perfection, and allow all of these different sounds to coexist harmoniously. You can expect a varied fabric of sounds and sonic flavors, highlighting The Mindscape’s talent for baking great material in the studio.

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