The Melissa June Band – Your Name

The Melissa June Band - Your Name

The Melissa June Band introducing new single, “Your Name:”

April 2020: The Melissa June Band is a music project with a truly exciting dualism defining their sound. These city musicians might be surrounded by skyscrapers in their NYC home base, but their sound looks out at the wide-open American country landscapes, musically and spiritually.

The group’s most recent release is a song called “Your Name.” The production is fresh and expansive, giving the vocals some room to shine, and improving the quality of the arrangement with some balanced sounds. Melissa’s vocals soar on top of the music and her melodies are approachable and emotional.

If you are fan of artists like Brandi Carlyle or Chris Stapleton, this one is going to be right up your alley! “Your Name” is the perfect compromise between embracing some classic country vibes and taking the genre to a whole new creative level, allowing different influences to creep in and add something special to the music.

Find out more about The Melissa June Band and do not miss out on “Your Name,” which is currently available on the web’s best music streaming platforms.