The Honey Empire – Jealous

The Honey Empire introducing a new studio single: Jealous.

The Honey Empire is a band from Denver, Colorado. The group has a focus on creating impactful, yet melodic and personal music. The band’s sound defies genre definitions, going for a more open approach. Today, it really doesn’t make sense for artists to get stuck in a genre box. After all, the music scene is as diverse as ever, and musicians are exposed to all sorts of sounds every day. The music of The Honey Empire feels very modern in the sense that there is so much going on creatively, and the versatility of their sound highlights the longevity and appeal of the group’s material. A good example? The band’s most recent release; Jealous, is actually a truly special snapshot of their formula.

Find out more about The Honey Empire and do not miss out on Jealous. This release should be right up your alley if you are a fan of performers such as The Cranberries, No Doubt, and Liz Phair, only to mention a few.