The Dye – Dance Away (Poem of Ride)

The Dye introducing a new release: Dance Away

January 2022 – The Dye is a band with a focus on setting the bar higher in terms of merging different influences under one roof; combining the edge of indie rock with the flow of alternative music and a catchier twist. The band’s most recent track is titled Dance Away, and it is featured on the group’s recent album, “Poem of Ride.”

Right off the bat, Dance Away feels like a perfect example of what the audience can expect from this band: a very edgy, yet thoughtful performance that’s raw and nuanced at the same time. Like the most honest indie rock acts, The Dye are all about challenging their personal experience and creative sensibilities to share a compelling stories with their sound. Dance Away is a fantastic example of all the amazing sounds available on the full “Poem of Ride” album, which definitely deserves a deep dive due to the high quality of songwriting and performance on tap.

The Dye’s music, especially Dance Away, comes highly recommended to fans of artists such as Mutemath, Dead Rituals, The Cure and Interpol, only to mention but a few.