Teach Me Human – Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart

Teach Me Human presents: Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart.

October 2021 – Teach Me Human is an artist and songwriter based in Long Island, NY. His sound is incredibly diverse, exploring the edge of alternative rock with the warmth of classic artists such as The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and Neil Young, among others. As a result, Teach Me Human developed this incredible blend of “old and new,” a sound that defies eras and genre definitions, in order to create something that’s genuine and authentic. His most recent studio work, “Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart” is a very personal one. The song was written over a period of four months, as the artist’s daughter was awaiting a heart transplant in the ICU. The song gave the family hope, and thankfully, the little girl managed to overcome the health struggle and today, she is a thriving and happy two-year old! This beautiful melody stands out as the testimony of a father’s love, a deeper bond that’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it!

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