Te’a Milan – Finally Figured It Out – Single

Te'a Milan - Finally Figured It Out - Single

Te’a Milan releasing new R&B single, ‘Finally Figured it Out’

Te’a Milan is an upcoming artist with a lot to say. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Te’a has been inspired to follow her passion for music at a very early age in her life, often combining her love for singing with a passion for helping people in her community, and beyond.
Her voice is powerful, expressive and soulful, often tipping the hat off to some of the best singers on the scene – from Mariah Carey and Anita Baker, to Mary J. Blige and many others.

“Finally Figured it Out” is the most recent studio single from Te’a, and her new song is really all about showcasing her emotional lyrics and far-reaching vocal flow. Ultimately, this song is particularly special, because it captures the warmth and essence of genuine soul music, while approaching the genre with a refreshing modern sensibility and a powerful set of lyrics that speak from the heart, connecting with listeners on a much deeper level.

Learn more about Te’a Milan and listen to “Finally Figured it Out”, which is currently available on Spotify