Taylar Paige – Transient

ArtistRack is excited to bring to you ‘Transient’ taken from Taylar Paige’s five song project titled ‘The Daydream’:

Transient explores that constant itch underneath your skin that contests the validity of your sole existence.

I don’t think it’s healthy to stay in one place your whole life. Life is about moving, growing, learning and making mistakes. “god has crooked teeth, and the devil- the straightest smile” was the line that Transient was born from, illustrating the fact that what we are taught- isn’t necessarily what is true. We know nothing. Everything we think we know has been twisted, warped and written by the victor. There is no paved way to success. There is no set structure to obtain happiness. There is no promise of fulfilment in another, so we should not be readying our graves to fit ourselves and our lover. Reality is filtered according to the lens that views it. We should question everything.