Tayla Rees – Off My Shoulder

Artistrack brings to you ‘Off My Shoulder’ by Tayla Rees

taylarees.com – Tayla Rees is a Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Model/Dancer, a passionate & vibrant young Pop Alternative artist. She is very dedicated, strong, fun & professional with a special “fire” when it comes to music. She incorporates all that she is within every lyric she writes & every note she sings.  She has a special ear & soul for music & is excited to share her unique sound with everyone.
Tayla Rees has been recording with producers and performing since the age of 10 at; Bethel Woods, The Chance Theater, Towne Crier, The Falcon, The Winery at St George, etc.-She sang a song with Country singer Jessica Lynn and is in one of her videos.
In 2015 & 2017 she performed at Bethel Woods singing live on stage with Foreigner. She has acted/sang in music videos & was an intern for 2 summers on set with a NYC Producer.
She has been an extra on popular TV shows such as, Law & Order SVU, Unforgettable, & the newer Annie movie.

RECENTLY Tayla Rees was back at Bethel Woods/Horizon Stage, performing in her own concert Summer 2022 before Backstreet Boys concert.

In 2023 Tayla Rees has completed her new EP UNSCATHED with Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Pat Gasperini, along with her other singles & YouTube music videos. She did a “Tayla Rees MALL TOUR” performing in malls across the Hudson Valley, other states, etc..

Tayla Rees’s has begun her 2023 Live Tour performing in Patrick James Band as well as her Solo career across the U.S.
Find her at- taylarees.com