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The Bicycle Thieves – Back Again

Check out the new release, 'Back Again' by The Bicycle Thieves  The Bicycle Thieves are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Derbyshire, UK. 'Back...

Deesense – Synthetic Rejection

South East London Artist Deesense releases the first of her self produced songs Synthetic Rejection a trippy thought provoking song about thoughts of rejection...

UK producer Leslie Wai prepares for take-off, as promo for his...

UK producer Leslie Wai prepares for take-off, as promo for his anticipated 'Lift Me Up' EP gets officially underway. Featuring five tracks that traverse across...


Check out the new single from REDPANDA titled 'Ice' 20 years of age from North West of the UK. REDPANDA brings a hard trap vibes to the rap game, being from the UK with American influence gives the song a great unique aspect.

Drakeways – You Won’t

'You Won't' is the new single from Drakeways. Music producer/DJ from South London, UK.

J Mundoe – Blue Skies

J Mundoe releases new single titled 'Blue Skies' From South London UK, J Mundoe is singer/song writer that fuses RnB, Soul, POP with a very...

Pacific – Life Is Short

'Pacific' release the Official Music Video for their new single 'Life Is Short' Hailing from Manchester, UK, Pacific has washed up on shore and is...

myF*World – 1st Outro

Check out the new single '1st Outro' by myF*World  Artist living in the UK. This is the first song, 1st Outro that announces the upcoming...

Interview with Marcela A

Interview with Marcela A Working on a number of artistic projects between her native homeland in Colombia, along with in the UK - Marcela A's...

Fla$h Gme – Voice Of Reason E.P Vol. 2

Check out the latest release 'Voice Of Reason E.P Vol. 2' by Fla$h Gme  Fla$h a U.K, London artist with a conscious message rapping over...


Victoria Dennis - Eternity

Victoria Dennis – Eternity

Victoria Dennis is back with an emotional new single release: “Eternity.” December 2020 - Victoria Dennis is a talented singer and songwriter based in...
Blve Diamond - Cubano

Blve Diamond – Cubano

Blve Diamond introducing his new single release, 'Cubano' Born to Congolese parents in Johannesburg South who immigrated to Australia. Blve diamond grew up in a...
Coni Puelma - Modo Diabla

Coni Puelma – Modo Diabla

Coni Puelma is a chilean singer and songwritter who has just dropped her new single, 'Modo Diabla.' "Modo Diabla" is her third single and first...
Milky Silky - 25 Days of Ex-Mas

Milky Silky – 25 Days of Ex-Mas

New single "25 Days of Ex-Mas" by Milky Silky is now Available online Holiday single with just my daughter. Ex inspired song. https://open.spotify.com/track/603KM1D1Ne547nK6lQwjwQ?si=llGF9oG5RxyDp3UdTEMEgQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
The Warm Hearts Collective - Warm Hearts

The Warm Hearts Collective – Warm Hearts

The Warm Hearts Collective is a collaboration between songwriter Colin Graham, singer Charlotte Ronald and musicians, Robert McLaughlin, Elaine Shorthouse and Dominic Hardy. On Friday,...
RJ Bagger - Blessed Freestyle

RJ Bagger – Blessed Freestyle

New visuals for the recently released track 'Blessed' out now with RJ Bagger making her rounds you can find the video on youtube and...
Dr8co - Heart stop

Dr8co – Heart stop

Dr8co presenting his latest single, 'Heart stop' https://open.spotify.com/track/1nwGVnbCFl3vIb2TTjBsBH PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
R.u.D.e - Entitled

R.u.D.e – Entitled

R.u.D.e dropping their brand new album, 'Entitled' Based out of Humboldt County California, R.u.D.e Music Entertainment is a dynamic and exciting hip hop duo with...
Kingheartbreaker - Blocked

Kingheartbreaker – Blocked

Kingheartbreaker - Blocked R&B artist from gritty street of Rivacide south Memphis hits with a dark smooth new single called “Blocked” https://open.spotify.com/track/4z33dW7vjjWyElKKoVx7wx?si=-BriTfaoQVqd4HksY4p_LA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
D.Treez - Let Me Go

D.Treez – Let Me Go

D.Treez drops his brand new single, 'Let Me Go' Green Rush Records https://open.spotify.com/track/6DZCJC49cRTe8d2gMkbmR2?si=nE9qR7nQSIyaV1-VCVSojQ FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Raj Mahal - GLIMPSE Ft Dante Knows

Raj Mahal – GLIMPSE Ft Dante Knows

Raj Mahal presents his latest track, 'GLIMPSE' Featuring Dante Knows https://open.spotify.com/track/088SGprl3cXXQHsqQA7kdP?si=yiLbZspETxmkO0etvvTjqQ FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
Gibrillah - Divisions Ft Dante Knows

Gibrillah – Divisions Ft Dante Knows

Gibrillah introducing his brand new single release, 'Divisions' Featuring Dante Knows https://open.spotify.com/track/1pPlIkOOFeuxSUVco2K5Es?si=WlhN4jrhRju4kJRX3SsIAg FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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