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We$tbound P – Pure Smoke

We$tbound P proudly presents new track, 'Pure Smoke' taken off the EP: Underworld (The Gargoyle Edition) https://open.spotify.com/track/4qFdvIUo7sovvTFyEPNrYB?si=EXfavib_SOmcqqFxKUBwvw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

Dante Stackz – Can’t Take The Hustle Ft Nino Brown

Dante Stackz introducing new track: “Can’t Take The Hustle.” October 2020 - Hip-hop is perhaps one of the most interesting musical stars out there. What’s...

Shemar Childs – TORQUE

Don’t miss out on Shemar Childs’ killer new track “TORQUE”.  Shemar Childs, also known as Christian Noah Rogers, has just dropped his brand new trap...

Hardo – Malflash

Hardo is back with his new single titled, 'Malflash' Dark music. FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM


OGK JOHN proudly presents his new single, 'CRACK' Been around, underground ... i go by OGK but you can call me JOHN Just Bringing you that...

T.j. – Li MaMa

T.J. introducing brand new release, Li MaMa. Trap music with a distinctive attitude and loads of personality on tap. August 2020 - T.J. is an artist...

Trulies_Da_RiskTaker – Cocaine Motives

Trulies_Da_RiskTaker drops his new single, 'Cocaine Motives' Trulies_Da_RiskTaker is a Trap RockStar , YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW WHATS COMING NEXT. COCAINE MOTIVES IS A TRAP TRACK...

Hardo – Ready 2 Die ( Remix)

Hardo returns with the release of his brand new single: Ready 2 Die ( remix) Artista emergente del underground from ARGENTINA. Dark trap . Hard...

Ka$h Mavz – OverTime

Ka$h Mavz proudly presents his new release, 'OverTime' Upcoming rapper KashMavz is delivering some of the most lyrically and musically motivating creative modules with his...

Envious – OK ( feat. PRXJEK )

Envious is back with his brand new single, 'OK'  featuring PRXJEK A song that should make you angry. https://open.spotify.com/track/2SdgfVtleMT7YvvoYP2qdS?si=f_ej9hx6SxyToGQWx8B1aA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM


Prentiss - Beautiful People

Prentiss – Beautiful People

Pop artist Prentiss drops his new single release, 'Beautiful People' My name is Prentiss. I am from the Midwest I reside in Dallas Texas and...
Lonleybandz - Damaged

Lonleybandz – Damaged

Lonleybandz returns with another great single titled, 'Damaged' It's a song about loyalty and the fact that you can't just trust everybody. https://open.spotify.com/track/1ud9hE1qKYSQWi6Vlknv48?si=qmJH20g5QZiPdoLgyjKjvw&utm_source=copy-link FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |...
Blow_flyy - Bleed 4 You

Blow_flyy – Bleed 4 You

Official Video "Premier" of #Blow_flyy song "Bleed 4 You" written and Performed by @blow_flyy | Feat | Keonte Beals{www.KEONTEBEALS.COM} singing chorus. The song is...
Blew Kash - Love Vibes

Blew Kash – Love Vibes

Blew Kash introducing new studio release, Love Vibes October 2020 - One of the most amazing perks of reviewing music is seeing how an artist...
Ivan Rubio - Criminal

Ivan Rubio – Criminal

Check out the new single, 'Criminal' by Ivan Rubio   Anyone who has ever loved deeply will relate to this song. This track will hook you...
Greg Arnold - Against the Wheel

Greg Arnold – Who Killed Melancholy?

Greg Arnold presents his song, 'Who Killed Melancholy?' taken off his full album Greg Arnold is the award winning singer-songwriter behind Australian folk-rock institution Things...
Kenny Wade - Kenny Wade

Kenny Wade – Kenny Wade

Self titled release by Kenny Wade This is the latest single from Kenny Wade. It has a laid back mellow sound with no explicit lyrics...
Greg Arnold - Against the Wheel

Greg Arnold – Against the Wheel

Against the Wheel released by singer-songwriter Greg Arnold Greg Arnold is the award winning singer-songwriter behind Australian folk-rock institution Things of Stone and Wood. He wrote...
Envious feat. PRXJEK - Face Fucked

Envious feat. PRXJEK – Face Fucked

Envious drops his exciting new single release, 'Face Fucked' featuring PRXJEK  Just wow https://open.spotify.com/track/3XyBhNNUXsp9LkgbCQqr9P?si=WSVVkqozRLKgoM4jC11asw FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Xavier - The Flip

Xavier – The Flip

Xavier returns with his first official single of the 4th quarter, 'The Flip'. The left coast emcee known for his laid back demeanor delivers yet...
Abby K - I Thought That I Loved You

Abby K – I Thought That I Loved You

Abby K drops a new single titled, 'I Thought That I Loved You' Abby K is a 17-year-old bassist, songwriter and singer from Mooresville, North...
JROCHEMAN - Starlight "Spaceboy"

JROCHEMAN – Starlight “Spaceboy”

JROCHEMAN announces the release of his new single: Starlight "Spaceboy" Sydney artist just making music https://open.spotify.com/track/2x1rgRTW9nL0eVNHdcxK0U?si=s1GrGZUFTj6XwenCKpSMGg FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

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