Gumbałł – Passion

Austin, TX-Based Gumbałł Drops Highly Anticipated Trap EP, ‘Passion’

After twelve years honing his craft in the music industry, Austin-based artist Gumbałł has released his debut five-track EP, titled ‘Passion.’ The project marks a significant departure from his previous work in the Hybrid Trap genre, showcasing his versatility and evolution as an artist.

Inspired by his musical idol, Skrillex, Gumbałł embarked on a two-and-a-half-year journey to create a collection that reflects his passion for trap. Despite his extensive experience, ‘Passion’ represents his first official release, making it a highly anticipated event within the music community.

Each track on the EP is a testament to Gumbałł’s dedication to his craft, with carefully crafted beats and intricate lyricism weaving together to create a captivating listening experience. From introspective reflections to high-energy anthems, ‘Passion’ offers a diverse range of sounds that will undoubtedly resonate with fans old and new.

Speaking about the project, Gumbałł expressed his excitement, stating, “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this EP, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with the world. ‘Passion’ represents years of hard work and dedication, and I hope listeners can feel the emotion and energy that went into creating it.”

As an artist deeply influenced by Skrillex, Gumbałł’s ‘Passion’ pays homage to his musical roots while simultaneously carving out a unique space within the trao genre. With its release, Gumbałł looks forward to connecting with audiences and establishing himself as a formidable force in the industry.

‘Passion’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Gumbałł’s latest releases and performances, follow him on social media




About Gumbałł:

Gumbałł is an Austin, TX-based trap artist known for his dynamic sound and captivating lyricism. Drawing inspiration from his musical idol, Skrillex, Gumbałł has spent over a decade perfecting his craft and building a loyal fan base. With the release of his debut EP, ‘Passion,’ Gumbałł aims to make a lasting impact on the music industry and inspire listeners around the world.