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Roam Like Ghosts – Smile (Review)

Roam Like Ghosts blends the alternative world in an acoustic demeanor towards a grungy bravura through a collaborative effort to infiltrate the music scene...

Moonbaby – Smile

Moonbaby - Smile: Moonbaby is an alternative rock band from the Coachella Valley. It is the creative synergy of Georgia Terlaje (keyboards/vocals), Michael Zallen Jones...

Jay Pray – Smile

Jay Pray - Smile: Born and raised in rural Connecticut, Justin P. Romanos got his musical start recording in his makeshift home studio and as...


Lxst Waze - Dead (In My Head)

Lxst Waze – Dead (In My Head)

Lxst Waze proudly presents his new single, 'Dead (In My Head)' I'm an underground/alternative multi-genre artist who makes whatever kinda music I feel like making....
donSMITH - G.R.W.M.

donSMITH – G.R.W.M.

"G.R.W.M" is the second single released by donSMITH in 2019, following up his party cut, "Bob N' Weave". This new single is fast, melodic and...
Go-B - Nowherevideo

Go-B – Nowhere

Check out the new single, 'Nowhere' released by Go-B Go-B developments and style derives from my musical influences, to create and produce the ultimate polyphonic...
SoullessProphet - Ego

SoullessProphet – Ego

SoullessProphet releases his new single, 'Ego' This song is from my album Moving On which was inspired by events in my life that were hitting...
Lamar Creation - Trap Door

Lamar Creation – Trap Door

Lamar Creation presenting his new single, 'Trap Door' This is the first single off of Lamar Creation latest project "Consequences" dropping I January 2020. His...
Izzy - Trillvideo

Izzy – Trill

Check out the new song by Atlanta rapper Izzy titled, 'Trill'   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Corey Kushington - Worth the Struggle

Corey Kushington – Worth the Struggle

Corey Kushington presenting his new single, 'Worth the Struggle' A kush classic! https://open.spotify.com/track/0wORXqApz9UrC4IGac29vI?si=hDrY2IQcT8y-sSCvMoSqFw   PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
J-LeScientific - No Time Don't Carevideo

J-LeScientific – No Time Don’t Care

J-LeScientific is back presenting the Official Music Video for his latest single, 'No Time Don't Care' J-LeScientific Joins MTL Connection with a Banger J.Cole Type...
Rell Godly - We Knowvideo

Rell Godly – We Know

Rell Godly presenting the Official Music Video for his new release, 'We Know' Rell Godly, owner of his brand Sxxth Sxnsx. Hip-Hop artist from the...
KC - Zero Gravityvideo

KC – Zero Gravity

KC presenting the visuals for his new single, 'Zero Gravity' KC is a self-made independent recording artist ready to make his mark on the industry....
Tremble - What Is Anythingvideo

Tremble – What Is Anything

Tremble presenting the Official Music Video for, 'What Is Anything' Who says Los Angeles is a tough place to walk? People who don’t know the...
A Valiant Effort - Full Disclosure

A Valiant Effort – Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure is A Valiant Effort's second EP and provides a variety of elements from genres spanning from metalcore to pop punk and was...

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