Changing Tymz – Shark Attack

Changing Tymz presenting the visuals for their latest single, ‘Shark Attack’

Greetings, my name is Tony Rossi

I believe you will enjoy this inspiring video as it turns a tragedy into something positive.

Two local businesses, CHANGING TYMZ LLC and ATA McMurray have teamed up and worked together to produce a music video to raise awareness of fentanyl abuse.

Changing Tymz is a Hard rock band based out of Pittsburgh and are up-and-coming on the world music scene.

ATA McMurray is a leading Martial Arts Academy in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, having produced 3 world champions

My brother Pete owned and operated a recording studio named Shark Attack Studios. The last drum line Pete recorded for me before he passed from an overdose of fentanyl was the beginning of the above-mentioned music video. The drum line was re-recorded and was worked into a song. The song was written and performed by CHANGING TYMZ and the lyrics of the song came from the studio’s name (Shark Attack) using the analogy of a shark attack representing a drug addiction

The video was filmed at the ATA McMurray Martial Arts Academy dojo with the School’s Demo Team (Including 3 WORLD Champions!) performing the story in the video.

It is the hopes of Changing Tymz LLC, ATA McMurray Martial arts, and myself personally, as with my brother’s death I know this 1st hand, that we as a society need to plant seeds that raise the awareness of these destructive and deadly drugs.