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RejArchi – Monumental

RejArchi - Monumental: This guy is amazing!!!!!! This young singer, dancer, songwriter grew up in the “Magic City”, Birmingham, Alabama, getting his start in the...



ALKALIMETRY introducing their new studio work: Hey There!. January 2022 - ALKALIMETRY is a band that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences;...

The Black Cardinals – Broken Man

The Black Cardinals drop their new single, 'Broken Man' https://open.spotify.com/track/5q5ihY0dANYodg4UzTfNRF?si=455628d876184996
Bloke Young - Chasin

Bloke Young – Chasin

Bloke Young presenting his new single, 'Chasin' https://open.spotify.com/track/4apABcuPGqeCu8rqpKwvFj?si=488364d349794d3d
Callmegulliver - Love Like This (Ft. Jay Cherr)

Callmegulliver – Love Like This (Ft. Jay Cherr)

Callmegulliver drops his new single, 'Love Like This' featuring Jay Cherr https://open.spotify.com/track/16lLrZ7hPLO0egxzkodXMU?si=41427ca887504144
Intelligent Diva - Sinner's Prayer

Intelligent Diva – Sinner’s Prayer

The single Sinner's Prayer is a gospel rap single by the multi -genre world indie artist Intelligent Diva. The song is about a woman...

Andy Whatley & Co. – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Andy Whatley & Co. presents, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' Andy Whatley & Co Album: Fighter song : “Satisfaction Guaranteed” Recorded - The Bomb Shelter, Nashville, Tn. Produced- Drew Carrol Mastered - John...
Tommy Jacket - ImmaTommyBoy

Tommy Jacket – ImmaTommyBoy

Tommy Jacket has just released a new release: 'ImmaTommyBoy". January 2022 - Tommy Jacket is a hip-hop artist who recently unveiled a new studio work:...

Jennifer Truesdale – Moving Mountains

Jennifer Truesdale presenting her new song, 'Moving Mountains' Singer/songwriter Jennifer Truesdale's new album Through the Circle is a masterpiece of soulful, bluesy storytelling that embraces...
Chris Cobain - Lover Boy

Chris Cobain – Lover Boy

Chris Cobain introducing a new studio work: Lover Boy. January 2022 - Chris Cobain has just unveiled a new studio work titled Lover Boy. The...

Shaneen Bonner – Praise (Experience)

Shaneen Bonner has recently released a new work: "Praise" January 2022 - Is there any better way to kickstart the year for an artist, other...
Anthony Chue - Terrorist Attack (G Storm)

Anthony Chue – Terrorist Attack (G Storm)

Anthony Chue presenting his new release, 'Terrorist Attack' G STORM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) "反貪風暴 5" (原创电影原声带) Director David Lam Music by Anthony Chue 褚镇东 Label Plaza Mayor Company...
Introducing, 'Papa Shawn Boo'

Introducing, ‘Papa Shawn Boo’

Introducing: Papa Shawn Boo January 2022 - Papa Shawn Boo is a rapper who has developed a distinctive, one-of-a-kind sound. His music is seriously spot-on in...

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