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Phillie-G – Stack Up (Produced By @SupaMarioBeatz)

Missouri artist Phillie-G brings in 2020 with a new hip-hop/rap/trap banger titled "Stack Up" produced by Supa Mario Beatz. Bars of trap-style lyrics backed up...

Phillie-G – Fire & Brimstone: Reloaded

Phillie-G proudly presents his latest release, 'Fire & Brimstone: Reloaded' This album was re-released by Phillie-G on 05/20/2019, after being released and pulled from stores...

Phillie-G – Karma

Phillie-G releases his new single, 'Karma' "Is the karma coming to you good or bad?" In the new single "Karma" by Phillie-G, he talks about...

Phillie-G – Back To Business

Phillie-G - Back To Business: Phillie-G has released prior mixtapes, such as "The Show-Me Showdown" in 2012. But this time around he's changed his style...

Phillie-G Tha Suave Gangsta – Cold Knife

On December 3rd, 2015, Phillie-G released a hot new single called “Cold Knife” from his upcoming album titled “Divine Intervention”, which is due for...


Ylyfe C - Gorgeous

Ylyfe C – Gorgeous

Ylyfe C presents his exciting new single, 'Gorgeous' Even from behind bars Ylyfe C continues to feed the streets with music and visuals keeping his...
Madeinthe90s - Back On My Bullshit

Madeinthe90s – Back On My Bullshit

Madeinthe90s presenting his latest track, 'Back On My BullShit' Produced by RoseBoy Beats. A summer time hit by Madeinthe90s off of his second studio album...
Abrigo - On TV One Day

Abrigo – On TV One Day

Abrigo proudly presents his single, 'On TV One Day' Best Liberian rapper https://open.spotify.com/track/4ep3n540neVABygbXXrREX?si=kSPyoJR2TnqZ3o7p5KgC6Q FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Hembadoon - Lady

Hembadoon – Lady

Presenting new single, 'Lady' released by Hembadoon Hembadoon is a singer & songwriter who brings a unique creative element and versatility into her music. Having...
5padez - Understand Me

5padez – Understand Me

5padez presents his latest release, 'Understand Me' I try to be aware of what I say in my music, while still delivering punch lines that'll...
P.A.T. - Inside The People

P.A.T. – Inside The People

P.A.T.  proudly present their latest release, 'Inside The People' Louisiana, United States - 3rd June, 2020 - P.A.T. a prominent hip-hop and rap artist entertainer...
Deow Kaii - One Twenty on the Highway

Deow Kaii – One Twenty on the Highway

Deow Kaii announces the release of his new single, 'One Twenty on the Highway' Johannesburg-based singer/songwriter Deow Kaii is a producer of POP and R&B....
Avalanche The Architect - Fuck Social Distancing

Avalanche The Architect – Fuck Social Distancing

Avalanche The Architect is back on the scene with a bold new release: Fuck Social Distancing. July 2020 - This year didn’t exactly start off...
zenas. - They Can't Claim You

zenas. – They Can’t Claim You

zenas. returns with a brand new single, 'They Can't Claim You' zenas. is back with another hit single in which his smooth vocals combined with...
Jessenation - Fever

Jessenation – Fever

Jessenation has dropped his brand new single, 'Fever' Jessenation (a Nigerian artist based in the USA) is a full breed of all kinds of creativity...
Kendre Streeter- A Change

Kendre Streeter – A Change

Kendre Streeter proudly presents his new single, 'A Change' https://open.spotify.com/track/1bdzgsyyj9tvCGm1eN68a9?si=q_fXSlyESf6JAFNCSdzFAA FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
MGN Phoenix - Slow

MGN Phoenix – Slow

MGN Phoenix announces the releases of his new single, 'Slow' Hello, I am MGN Phoenix. I am a Hip Hop Artist/Singer/Songwriter from Denver, Colorado. I...

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