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Sharpshooter (S.S) – Your Welcome 2

Sharpshooter (S.S) releases his new mixtape, 'Your Welcome 2' Upcoming Artist from Erie, Pennsylvania Looking to make a Difference & let the world know his Story FOLLOW...

Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out

Jiggley Jones releases new album 'Not Your Typical Day Out' Alternative Country Artist Jiggley Jones Experiencing Banner Year with Latest CD and Single Release. The...

2XS Rickky J – Bad Love

Check out the Official Music Video for 'Bad Love' by 2XS Rickky J  2XS Rickky J is a rising unsigned artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stay...

Interview with Jiggley Jones

Jiggley Jones is an award-winning singer/songwriter in the alternative-country/folk/Americana genres of music. He is recognised as one of the most accomplished and unique singer/songwriters...

Shane Palko – Sunrise In Bangkok

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Sunrise In Bangkok' by Shane Palko: Shane Palko is not your average singer/songwriter. His all-natural brand of folk/rock music...

Nokay – Passenger

ArtistRack Premieres Nokay - Passenger: Lehigh Valley, PA based pop/indie artist Nokay is set to release his debut EP 'The One I Feed' on 3/9/18....

Lucas Wolfe – Quiet Girl

Lucas Wolfe - Quiet Girl: Lucas Wolfe is a singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This song "Quiet Girl", takes place at a party. This song is...

Iamfiveee – Long Time

Iamfiveee - Long Time: Melvin Joyner Jr. ( born March 31, 1998), better known by his stage name Iamfiveee, is an American rapper and entrepreneur...

Charisma – Broken Vows

Charisma - Broken Vows: Charisma is a solo Gospel and R&B Soul artist who began writing poetry and then advanced into songwriting. A native of...

Ricky Lee -Looking For America

Ricky Lee - Looking For America Chances are you’ve never heard of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the center of the state amongst the Appalachian Mountains,...


Glorybots - Wrong

Glorybots – Wrong

Glorybots return with their exciting new single, 'Wrong' "Wrong" is a song about the need to listen to one another. It is the lead single...
j whit - Options

j whit – Options

j whit presents his exciting new single release, 'Options' First waveone single https://open.spotify.com/track/7o6hAF1APePRh4FNZb9m6i?si=jVgJsdWVQbKjqW8YbB-RyQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Young Sovl - Heels On

Young Sovl – Heels On

Young Sovl presents his exciting new single, 'Heels On' I’m a artists from Broward county FL and my record is a mix of Afro Beat...
Katherin Chin, Shelly - Respete

Katherin Chin, Shelly – Respete

Katherin Chin releases her new single, 'Respete' featuring Shelly Katherine Chin and Shelly are Colombian artists in the Urbano genre. They each have their own...
Lil Swayze - Smoke

Lil Swayze – Smoke

New single release, 'Smoke' by Lil Swayze My artist lil Swayze song smoke sounds from new Orleans and va gives u a powerful song u...
PreacherMan- Dedicated

PreacherMan – Dedicated

PreacherMan has just released a hot single entitled Dedicated. PreacherMan, is a Christian artist who performs wherever there’s a mic. From the car shows to...
Dave Molter - Fading Away

Dave Molter – Fading Away

Dave Molter proudly presents his new single, 'Fading Away' Fading Away is a party rocker meant to be played loud with the top down! Great...
Re - Man With An Issue Of Rage

Re – Man With An Issue Of Rage

Re returns with his new release, 'Man With An Issue Of Rage' I was raging when i wrote this song and i decide rap as...
JD and the Critics - Lit

JD and the Critics – Lit

JD and the Critics return with a new song titled, 'Lit' Awesome new rock and roll track off the latest album sex and shiny cars....
Alan Goldsher - The Point After

Alan Goldsher – The Point After

Alan Goldsher presents his brand new single release, 'The Point After' JAZZ GOES POP...SORT OF GOLD NOTE SINGLES CLUB TWEAKS THE JAZZ PARADIGM Melodic hooks galore. Beats that...
Mark “Roundz” Brown - I Tried

Mark “Roundz” Brown – I Tried

Mark “Roundz” Brown Producer and songwriter presents I Tried off of the album Clear Vision https://open.spotify.com/track/0qcMhvJkqC1Q977xV2kcbI?si=py3TLZIESsKAqhfB0UXbMQ PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
City of Sound - Aurora Live

City of Sound – Aurora Live

City of Sound return with their new release, 'Aurora Live' An acoustic session about chasing the northern lights. https://open.spotify.com/track/2JhzGhZt3TJRr9yAIFjIqa?si=2wPR6lLzTtusdlJ-LUCCuQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |  INSTAGRAM

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