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MACKronyms – O Yea

MACKronyms - O Yea: From San Francisco and Burbank, California. Introducing: MACKronyms‬ ft Chilly Palmer(@ChillyPalmer818) & Racci(@4PACKENT). The Splash Brothers of Hip Hop making a...

MACKronyms Interview

Introducing The Dynamic Duo back to the future of Hip Hop Chilly Palmer and Racci aka MACKronyms. Check out this exclusive interview


RealTalk the Black Boy King – Coming For Me Feat. Valentine

Coming For Me by RealTalk the Black Boy King feat. Valentine from the new album TRUE out now on all streaming and music purchasing...
Juan Sánchez - Rebirth

Juan Sánchez – Rebirth

Juan Sánchez proudly presents his latest release, 'Rebirth' Juan Sánchez was one who had always had a pull towards music. Having immersed himself in music...
Toby Regal - Never Walk Alone

Toby Regal – Never Walk Alone

Toby Regal announcing re-release of iconic single Never Walk Alone. Toby Regal is an artist with a diverse international background. He was born in Stockholm,...

Young Trap (feat. Boneyafterparty) – My Ex

Memphis rapper Young Trap is back with his new video "My Ex" ft "Boneyafterparty" from his new album "Hustle & Glow." "Boneyafterparty" is a...
Nate Zeth - Equals

Nate Zeth – Equals

Nate Zeth drops his exciting new single, 'Equals' Norwegian singer & songwriter artist - pop - acoustic - live music https://open.spotify.com/track/6XkxtveWsUaIcpsUTtuJGx?si=xHoU-7g6Rfma11vd-Ncwrg FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
The Juse - Chapter 1: Master of Your Own Ceremony

The Juse – Chapter 1: Master of Your Own Ceremony

The Juse presents his latest project titled, 'Chapter 1: Master of Your Own Ceremony' Chapter 1 of the innovative and inspiring contemporary philosophy book and...
BigBoss Thirty - FREESTYLE

BigBoss Thirty – FREESTYLE

BigBoss Thirty introducing new release: Freestyle BigBoss Thirty was born in Chicago, but later moved to Minnesota, where he currently resides and works on his...
Meladi - $Time

Meladi – $Time

Meladi proudly presents new single, '$Time' Multi cultural artist and part of a collective which is currently running the underground game for our generation. Movement...
Giuliano Perticara - In Rachel’s Eyes

Giuliano Perticara – In Rachel’s Eyes

Giuliano Perticara proudly presents, 'In Rachel’s Eyes' a song taken off his full album 'Works 2010-2015' This is a song taken from my 3rd album:...
String Loaded - Morrison's Jig

String Loaded – Morrison’s Jig

Check out the excitiing new song, 'Morrison's Jig' by String Loaded which is taken off their full album Beggars and Butterflys String Loaded are a...
Rich Evans - Christmas Kissing (Is It Christmas Yet?)

Rich Evans – Christmas Kissing (Is It Christmas Yet?)

Rich Evans presents festive song, 'Christmas Kissing' taken off the full album titled, Is It Christmas Yet? Christmas Kissing is a Christmas Rock Song with...
Thirsty 4 Mercy- This Ain't Fake News (feat. Silly Willy & the Bush Hog Boys)

Thirsty 4 Mercy- This Ain’t Fake News (feat. Silly Willy & the Bush Hog...

THIRSTY 4 MERCY - THIS AINT FAKE NEWS Are you ready to hear some damn good music? I MEAN SOME DAMN GOOD MUSIC, THAT...

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