MACKronyms Interview


Introducing The Dynamic Duo back to the future of Hip Hop Chilly Palmer and Racci aka MACKronyms.

Where are you from?

From The #BAY2DaBANK California – USA

How long have you been making music?

a little bit over a decade

How many songs /albums have you released to date?

1 EP

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it?

The Dopest 20 mins in Hip Hop Rap music with original productions and dope storytelling rhymes

How have you ended up in the music industry?

Born to entertain

What do you think of the music industry in 2015?

It’s lacking the Culture of Real Hip Hop and Rap.

Who do you think the most influential artist?


Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?

We’re greedy with this music so we’re ONLY collabing with one another right now.

How do you think you differ from other artists?

We RESPECT The Art form and Culture of Hip Hop.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?

2PAC, Scarface, NWA, A$AP Rocky, Chuck D, Atmosphere, Beastie Boys

What was the first album you bought?

The Chronic

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

It’z A Rap Bruh – Our Intro single off the MACKronyms EP.

If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your draw?

Michael Jackson

What is your favorite saying?

It’s MACKronyms BayBeeee!!!!

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

reading, cooking, fitness.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Racci has tatts, nose & ears pierced. Chilly Palmer has none.

Tell us more about your upcoming project or this new project?

We’re looking forward to rocking stages on an International Level

What’s in the pipeline after this project?

Solidifying our MACKronyms Brand and Festival Tours.

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making great, fresh music.

One Love to ALL the True Hip Hop Heads who pay attention to Lyrical content and Dope Beats. We Do It 4 U.