ArtistRack brings to you ‘Hill To Die On’ by Joshua Francis

Eleven years on since my liver failure, hep A and coma debacle, I must confess that I have been ill for years. I had a TIA also in 2015 and walked with a cane for seven years. But I can walk unaided now so, where to walk to? I picked the narrow path. The other one nearly got me killed. This album is dedicated to God and the British taxpayer for paying my healthcare expenses and my welfare these past years. You are still covering me for my alcoholic idiocy over a decade ago. I cannot thank you enough.
I may not be conventionally sane or I probably wouldn’t require mood stabilisers an anti-psychotics. The ME and arthritis don’t help either! If this record contains tough love, I needed it. You may too.
Anyhow, trust me, I’m bipolar and I know how this show goes.
I need to go study theology for a year now. Speak to you in twelve months time. Au revoir.
God bless
Joshua Francis
Merseyside, England.
3rd July 2023.
p.s. I outlived Errol Flynn the other day!
All songs written, performed and produced by Joshua Francis, except Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Innards (Collins, Von Zant, Korden, Francis)
Barking vocals – Toto The Dog