Soulcare – Yesterday

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Yesterday’ by Soulcare

Yesterday (The Beatles) new song by Soulcare.
What a beautiful day as 1st of December to launch to the world this beautiful and catchy song from Soulcare which was originally composed and interpreted by Paul McCarney and The Beatles.
A Classical Spanish guitar played by our guest Hernán Romero coming from New York which brings an original “flamenco” style which transforms the song into a more “happy and sunny” mood than the original version.
Voice : Yann Gaslain
Musical direction and Piano : Rodrigo Pahlen
Guitar : Hernán Romero
Bass : Martin Laportilla

With Yesterday, what a strong lyrics Paul McCartney wrote! “Love was such an easy game to play” , “all my troubles seemed so far away” says the song but “Now it looks as though they’re here to stay” as we know all that love does not go away so easily!

Enjoy the song !!

Thanks to Alberto Perez and his team at Sol de Sants studio for the recording session,, Patrick Petruchelli for mixing and mastering and Fran Echavarria and his team, Cami Castro from April Road Studio for filming, fotos and video editing.