Aspie Mo – I’m Tha Man

Aspie Mo introducing new release, “I’m Tha Man”

Aspie Mo is a rap artist from Houston, Texas with a refined, powerful and forward-thinking sound. His most recent studio release is a single titled “I’m Tha Man”, and it definitely stands out as a great example of his ability to craft songs that are catchy and appealing, yet gritty and energetic.

Aspie Mo has been able to channel various influences and ideas into a sound that feels personal and very organic. His music could be described as a winning combination of rap, electronica and trap, making for the best balance between these different worlds. The first thing you will notice about this production, is most definitely Aspie’s commitment to creating the ultimate vocal performance. His style is upfront and upbeat, offering a vibrant and characterful sound that pops right to the forefront.

In addition to that, the sound of this release is very well calibrated in the studio, with a stunning and direct production value. The mix has a warm mid-range, and a forward top end that adds a lot of sparkle to the music. Moreover, the bass is fat and present, and the definition is huge even on smaller speakers, such as the ones on your laptop!

Listen to “I’m Tha Man” and find out more about Aspie Mo: