Mastalokey x A1 Jovi – Ten Out Of Ten

Mastalokey and A1 Jovi joined forces on a brand new release: “Ten Out Of Ten”.

March 2022 – Mastalokey and A1 Jovi have just released the very first single off of their upcoming tape: a hard-hitting tune titled “Ten Out Of Ten”. There is something quite special about how everything comes together into this particular track, as the punchy production value makes the contribution from these artists stand out on a much deeper level. “Ten Out Of Ten” stands out as a great achievement, which really makes it really diverse and one-of-a-kind in terms of what it means to make great hip-hop music today.

The song has an old-school flavor to it, yet the sound is punchy and contemporary, going for a distinctive vibe.

Find out more about these two artists, and look out for their upcoming mixtape, which also features “Ten Out Of Ten”! This release is a breath of fresh air, which definitely shows how far these artists can take their passion for original music and their commitment to making things happen and stand out with their unique vibes.