JP – Waves

JP: Back on the scene with a new hit: Waves

 A new single with a focus on Grime vibes and other influences.

Grime artist and producer JP is back on the scene with a stunning new single: “Waves.” What’s really special about this track is that it tips the hat off to the best classic and modern Grime influences, but it also has other influences, as diverse as modern hip-hop and electronic music. From Aitch, to Drake and Russ, anything goes as far as influences and creative inspirations. This production sets the bar even higher for JP, who set out to explore different possibilities when it comes to creating masterful sounds and exciting production ideas.

The song has a gritty, energetic rhythm section, as well as some effective melodies that are minimalistic, yet catchy and easy to relate to. “Waves” marks JP’s return with some killer new vibes, which will definitely resonate with any fan of true Grime, and beyond.

Find out more about JP’s music, and do not miss out on Waves. The song is now available on Spotify, or other streaming platforms on the web: