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Thedeus White – Ride on by

Thedeus White - Ride on by: This is our "barn style country" song. We're starting to make a new stage of our country - blues -...

ArtistRack Reviews ‘Songs from The Suck’ by Randy Steele

The composite recordings on Randy Steele’s ‘Songs From The Suck' were arranged in a syncopated, off beat fashion that added to the distinguished characteristics...

Imaginary Friends – Falling Inward

Imaginary Friends - Falling Inward: Imaginary Friends is an folk fusion band based out of Los Angeles, CA. With a music style of their own,...

DocFell & co. – Dog and Pony Show

DocFell & co. - Dog and Pony Show: Mining the deeper, dustier edges of the red dirt surrounding their hometown of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, DocFell &...

DuShane Band – Alabama Rain

DuShane Band - Alabama Rain: DuShane Band’s “Alabama Rain” music video is a heart wrenching story of the working class American in the 21st century....

Deidre Thornell – Ghost Town

Deidre Thornell - Ghost Town: Deidre’s music is contemporary country that is highly influenced with a bluesy-pop fusion. She has co-written five out of the...

Doe Grass – Sally’s Place

Doe Grass - Sally's Place: Doe Grass are an Indie/Country band fresh out of Norfolk, UK who bring traditional and outlaw country together with a...

Gj Hoffman – WV WOODS

ArtistRack brings to you Gj Hoffman and the visuals for 'WV WOODS':     #BLMTYW Here is the much anticipated online release of the WV WOODS music...

GJ Hoffman – Hillbilly Outlaw Blues

ArtistRack brings to you GJ Hoffman and the album 'Hillbilly Outlaw Blues': Listen Here Americana Album HILLBILLY OUTLAW BLUES. Folk/CountryGrass FUSION -- Purchase at gjhoffman.com/ALBUM with...

Mike Lounibos – Rows of Roses

ArtistRack brings to you Mike Lounibos and the visuals for 'Rows of Roses' I'm a country singer who doesn't believe in wasting words. A song...


Sam Louis - This Love

Sam Louis – This Love

Sam Louis introducing brand new single, “This Love.” February 2020 - Sam Louis is an artist based in Toronto, Canada, who has been generating a...

Josué the Poet – From Nothing to Something

Josué the Poet presenting the Official Music Video for, 'From Nothing to Something' "This song is about the complete 180° my life has taken since...
Cookiee Kawaii - Vibe

Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe

Cookiee Kawaii to release brand new studio single: Vibe. February 2020 - Cookiee Kawaii is a dance music act based in East Orange. Recently, the...
Remedylofi - Same Idea (featuring LaVoyce)

Remedylofi – Same Idea (featuring LaVoyce)

Remedylofi and LaVoyce collaborated on the track, 'Same Idea' a couple months ago. The song features the powerful and dynamic range of LaVoyce's vocals, and...
Raspy Soul - Lunchtime Quickie

Raspy Soul – Lunchtime Quickie

Raspy Soul presenting his single, 'Lunchtime Quickie' When the time is right , one phone call can change the rest of the day! Hello, I...
Kyle Moon & The Misled - Stay Young

Kyle Moon & The Misled – Stay Young

Kyle Moon & The Misled present their song, 'Stay Young' Kyle Moon & the Misled is an Americana/Cosmic Country outfit based in San Antonio, Texas. “Kyle...
Stirlin’ - Choose Sides

Stirlin’ – Choose Sides

Stirlin’s “Advisory IX” includes a multitude of amazing tracks, but “Choose Sides” is by far the most notable! Check out “Choose Sides” by Stirlin’ as...
C Rex - The Red EP

C Rex – The Red EP

C Rex proudly presents his latest release, 'The Red EP' ....so....Who is C~Rex? ... C~Rex is a new Hip Hop and R&B artist who brings...
Alex Angelo - Where I'm At

Alex Angelo – Where I’m At

New Single by ALEX ANGELO - WHERE I’M AT CINCINNATI, OHIO- The year 2019 provided fantastic growth for Alex Angelo, as he spent the year...
Stirlin’ - Lemme Know

Stirlin’ – Lemme Know

“Lemme Know” by Stirlin’ brings an interesting and unique approach to conscious rap pertaining to today’s society. Be sure to give it a listen...
Crimsen - Home

Crimsen – Home

Making his debut on Nurvous Records with the ‘Home EP’ is Crimsen. Mentored by UK chillstep goliath, Phaelah, and taking his musical cues from a...
CWIOK - Hesitation

CWIOK – Hesitation

CWIOK presents his new song, 'Hesitation' which is taken off his full album  Friendly Zippers. Ever met a zipper you didn’t like? The latest brainchild...

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