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DuShane Band – Alabama Rain

DuShane Band - Alabama Rain: DuShane Band’s “Alabama Rain” music video is a heart wrenching story of the working class American in the 21st century....

Gj Hoffman – WV WOODS

ArtistRack brings to you Gj Hoffman and the visuals for 'WV WOODS':     #BLMTYW Here is the much anticipated online release of the WV WOODS music...

GJ Hoffman – Hillbilly Outlaw Blues

ArtistRack brings to you GJ Hoffman and the album 'Hillbilly Outlaw Blues': Listen Here Americana Album HILLBILLY OUTLAW BLUES. Folk/CountryGrass FUSION -- Purchase at gjhoffman.com/ALBUM with...

Mike Lounibos – Rows of Roses

ArtistRack brings to you Mike Lounibos and the visuals for 'Rows of Roses' I'm a country singer who doesn't believe in wasting words. A song...

Joshua Francis – I’m The Lamb

Joshua Francis - I'm The Lamb: Protest song against the Moffat sheep race in Scotland, 2017. From the perspective of one Jesus Christ, Lamb of God. Please...

Kelli Brogan – Self Titled Album – Kelli Brogan

Listen Here Australian singer/songwriter, Kelli Brogan has performed in all facets of the entertainment industry, from television to radio. Kelli has opened major events and...

Jolene – Hurtingman ft Kelsey Ward Miles

Jolene - Hurtingman ft Kelsey Ward Miles: A unique and fresh take on a classic song we all know and love. This haunting remix is...

The SLVR Tongues – S-Class

  The SLVR Tongues - S-Class: The SLVR Tongues has the potential to be Country music’s answer to the Chainsmokers with their new single “S-Class”. Members...

John “Papa” Gros – Cocaine and Chicken Fricassée

John “Papa” Gros - Cocaine and Chicken Fricassée: New Orleans-born John “Papa” Gros (pronounced “grow”) has spent more than a quarter of a century behind...

Debbie Anthony – All Over Again

LISTEN HERE Debbie Anthony’s 'All Over Again' does country just right. Serving as the heart and soul of the sound are Debbie’s powerful vocals, pulling...


Don Afric - bezos

Don Afric – bezos

Don Afric presents: "Bezos". February 2023 - Don Afric, born Oussama ESSEDDYQ, makes music that is very dynamic combination of genres and influences, and listeners...
Masterkraft - 7:38pm (Afro Fi, Vol. 1)

Masterkraft – 7:38pm (Afro Fi, Vol. 1)

Masterkraft presenting new track, '7:38pm' taken off the new album: Afro Fi, Vol. 1 Afro Fi, Vol. 1 is an extraordinary body of work by...
Priceless Lion - Starlight

Priceless Lion – Starlight

Priceless Lion is back with a brand new release: "Starlight" January 2023 - Priceless Lion has recently dropped a brand new release named "Starlight". This...

Nyiche’ – Get Mine

Nyiche’ returns with the release of his new single, 'Get Mine' Talented artist of his way to greatness
J. Irja - Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja – Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja presents: "Bounce Back" (Featuring Benny the Butcher) Feb 2023 - J. Irja is back on the scene with a brand new studio work:...
Joycely Channel - Thanks for being Alive

Joycely Channel – Thanks for being Alive

Thanks for being Alive (謝謝你仍存在於世上) is Joycely Channel’s fourth Cantonese single. This song is dedicated to the ones who are trying so hard to...
Interview with 'Miserableisobel'

Interview with ‘Miserableisobel’

My name is Caitlin Strømmen but I release under the stage name Miserableisobel - my music is heavily related to mental illness, past relationships...
Loki Loko & Big O - Ocean Waves

Loki Loko & Big O – Ocean Waves

Loki Loko & Big O present "Ocean Waves," the sequel to their 2020 EP "Ocean Grown" is available now. Stream the album below: FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM |...
Tayla Rees - Tainted Kiss

Tayla Rees – Tainted Kiss

Tayla Rees presenting another one of her track titled, 'Tainted Kiss' Tayla Rees, Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Model/Dancer & has been recording with producers and performing since the age...
Tobin Mueller - Windowshade

Tobin Mueller – Windowshade

Check out 'Windowshade' the new single from Tobin Mueller
Rachel Mintz - Pie

Rachel Mintz – Pie

Rachel Mintz presents her track, 'Pie' Rachel Mintz is an independent artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. She has a unique writing and production...
Brickyard Pro and Styles P - Throwup Mafia 2

Brickyard Pro and Styles P – Throwup Mafia 2

Brickyard Pro and Styles P presenting, 'Throwup Mafia 2' Trillionaire rapper FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

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