T.j. – Li MaMa

T.j. - Li MaMa

T.J. introducing brand new release, Li MaMa.

Trap music with a distinctive attitude and loads of personality on tap.

August 2020 – T.J. is an artist based in Jackson, Mississippi. He has a focus on creating punchy and energetic trap music. His sound has a modern flair to it, but it also captures the warm tone of some of the best records in the genre.

His most recent release is titled Li Mama, and it is a single that captures the essence and attitude that drives T.J.’s wonderful music. The production is also really out of the ordinary, lending a lot of clarity to the mix and allowing the listener to focus entirely on T.J.’s talent for great verses and amazing melodies, often going beyond the usual sonic characteristics of average trap music: T.J. definitely brings something new to the table!

Born Tamaj, but better known as “T.J.,” this talented hip-hop artist started out back in 2019, and he went on to do great things with his music, quickly gaining a strong following. Li MaMa is another example of his artistry and drive!

Find out more about T.J. and do not miss out on, ‘Li MaMa.’