Artistrack brings to you ‘WHT WE DOIN’ by SUMMER BEAA

SUMMER BEAA: A Mesmerizing Force in Hip-Hop

🎤 Step into the electrifying realm of hip-hop and experience the phenomenon that is SUMMER BEAA. A multifaceted artist, songwriter, and trailblazing female rapper, she stands as the latest addition to the prestigious roster of Nu Souf Music, an independent label nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas.

✨ SUMMER BEAA is a fiery, high-octane performer who possesses an unrivaled lyrical prowess, capable of capturing the very essence of human emotions. Her magnetic stage presence commands attention, reflecting a fearless spirit that is as captivating as it is bold.

🔥 With a voice that remains unapologetically authentic, SUMMER BEAA heralds a new era in hip-hop. Hailing from humble beginnings in Nacogdoches, Texas, her journey commenced as a young dreamer, singing soulful hymns within the walls of her childhood church. Here, her undeniable talent first began to garner recognition.

🌟 Fueled by an unrelenting passion for music and performance, SUMMER BEAA’s trajectory was guided by the unwavering support of her family and friends. Her fascination with the art of Tupac and Lil Kim served as a catalyst, propelling her towards mastering the crafts of rap and songwriting.

📺 Her metamorphosis into an accomplished artist was further enhanced by her foray into the world of social media. Through engaging skits and melodic renditions highlighted on platforms like TikTok, she honed her skills as an actress and a consummate performer, captivating audiences worldwide.

🎶 Building an expansive online following through the sharing of original songs and captivating vlogs, SUMMER BEAA tirelessly pursued her dream of becoming a rap sensation. As a self-managed artist, she relentlessly produced and performed her music, all while awaiting her moment in the spotlight.

🚀 In the summer of 2023, her unwavering dedication bore fruit with the release of her inaugural full-length project, the mixtape entitled “COLD SUMMER.” This milestone caught the discerning eye of music industry aficionado Ronnie, who recognized her unwavering commitment to greatness. In a swift and resounding move, he welcomed this prodigy into the Nu Souf Music family, a pivotal moment that marked the inception of her journey to stardom.

🎵 With her debut single, “WHT WE DOIN,” featuring the iconic Da Pink Celebrity, SUMMER BEAA unleashed an anthem that transcended genres, capturing the essence of musical innovation. Produced by the visionary SUC Jhiame, this track marked her triumphant arrival on the global stage.

🎙️ As the world clamors for more, SUMMER BEAA continues her ascent with her follow-up single, “Tongue Action.” This audacious creation, also produced by the inimitable SUC Jhiame, highlights her lyrical prowess and unapologetic charisma, leaving no doubt that she is an artist of unparalleled distinction.

🌐 Now, SUMMER BEAA emerges as a rising star, poised to take her place among the legends she once admired. Her trajectory is undeniably ascending, and the world eagerly anticipates her next sonic masterpiece. For press or media inquiries, kindly reach out to Nu Souf Music’s label representative at Stay tuned, for her star is on the ascent, and the world of hip-hop shall be forever changed by her indomitable spirit and unparalleled talent.