Sugar Scars – Haight

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Haight’ by Sugar Scars

Sugar Scars is a bi- national musical project from a couple of multi instrumental, DJs that border each other between the US and Mexico. Specifically, Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. The sound was supposed to be a clash of ideas influenced by two different border cultures But the result was a superb and unique production that seemed destined to happen. Their differences gravitate towards each other to make a unique and eclectic triumph that teaches us that what you think it should be, Isn’t always true. The first single from future album, “rhythmic body reactions” is titled “haight”. On the track, the opening, instrumentation is a synth and guitar interplay that creates an ideal introduction, that draws you in. It is shortly accompanied by a Slow Beat and uniquely, likable vocals that are drenched in psychedelic delay. The effect is a dream like state. It’s slow buildup keeps you hooked as you realize influences from all over the place, but ironically, with a unique sound of its own. The overall production is hard to define genre wise and keeps you baffled yet satisfied. This song alone falls under a psychedelic electronic dance concoction with a touch of shoegaze, haunting guitar chords, sexy dance beats and likable complexity.