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Spotify Playlist Renewal


Thank you for choosing to renew the Spotify Playlist Service for another 4 weeks.

(please note the basic renewal package is for 100,000 followers, if you would like to be added to more playlists or would like more exposure, you can select the extras at the bottom. You are not able to submit new songs via this form, if we have not promoted the song before, the original song will be renewed for which the reminder was sent for. For new songs you need to submit here)

Spotify Playlist Renewal
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BONUS - You will get added to a specific playlist for Your Chosen Genre - GREAT RESULTS!! - only $20
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Kate Magdalena - In the Bleak Midwinter

Kate Magdalena – In the Bleak Midwinter

Kate Magdalena is joyous to bring her Christmas EP, "In the Bleak Midwinter" to the world at precisely this holiday time. This year, the...

The Boy King Lapri – I’m The KING

Official Music Video for, 'I'm The KING' released by The Boy King Lapri The Boy King Lapri 👑 is an upcoming artist and label head...
HZN & Vanity - Bad Bit*h

HZN & Vanity – Bad Bit*h

HZN & Vanity collaborate on the new single, 'Bad Bit*h' This is the first released single of many for the duo who are also solo...
Hardcastle - Heroes Never Die

Hardcastle – Heroes Never Die

New single, 'Heroes Never Die' released by Hardcastle  Hardcastle is a one of a kind hip hop artist out of Reno, NV. Coming onto the...

P.I.V.O.T. – Fetty (feat. Forever Official)

P.I.V.O.T. presents the official music video for, 'Fetty' featuring Forever Official The first video of a 3 video series from P.I.V.O.T.’s upcoming album “Very Scary”...
Kiahna - Bring Me To Life

Kiahna – Bring Me To Life

Kiahna presents her talent with her cover version of, 'Bring Me To Life' Hi, my name is Kiahna and im a 19 year old singer...

USUALLY MODEST – California Vibes

USUALLY MODEST returns with the release of his brand new single, 'California Vibes.' Check out the official music video for California Vibes You might have...
Triple N - Rehearsal Time

Triple N – Rehearsal Time

Triple N presents his new single release, 'Rehearsal Time' Another track straight from the heart from South East rapper Triple N. No hook just pure...
Armando Luna - Condenado

Armando Luna – Condenado

Check out, 'Condenado' by Armando Luna Condenado is a cover song made in different style to the original. Made popular/famous by Jose Jose. Now l bring it...
HarryBigButton X The StarKillers - Dawn Of The Dead (Collab version)

HarryBigButton X The StarKillers – Dawn Of The Dead (Collab version)

HarryBigButton X The StarKillers release their exciting new single: Dawn Of The Dead (Collab version) HarryBigButton is a hard rock trio from Seoul, Korea. Our...
Superstar Lamar - Know That

Superstar Lamar – Know That

Superstar Lamar drops his brand new single, 'Know That' Introducing Superstar Lamar who is a Triple threat in the game today. Singer, Song writer, and...
Noha Saré - Talk To Me

Noha Saré – Talk To Me

RnB artist Noha Saré drops her new single, 'Talk To Me' Noha Saré (1996) is an Amsterdam based singer who stands out for her powerful,...