Street Pound Productions – So Xclusive

Street Pound Productions introducing a new single: “So Xclusive”

Street Pound Productions is not your average hip-hop collective, but a full powerhouse of music, featuring a record label, production company, and group featuring many talented artists, much like what performers such as DJ Khaled or DJ Drama have accomplished through the years!

Recently, they have announced a brand new single release, titled “So Xclusive”

“So Xclusive” is a particularly great release, because it’s production defies all cliches in the modern rap niche. This isn’t your average trap beat, copy-pasted throughout the sound. On the other hand, there are many details, making for a nuanced sound, with strong production values. This track is particularly interesting, because the sonic layers add many different characteristics to the tune, yet they never really overpower the vocals. The rapping and singing on the song are absolutely spotless, cutting through the mix like arrows on fire. On the other hand, the synth melodies are also truly spot-on, adding depth and textural width as they should.

Find out more about Street Pound Productions, and do not miss out on “So Xclusive” and other exciting releases. You can stream the whole song directly via Youtube