STILLBORNCANADA release their new single titled, ‘Distant Skies’

The band was formed on the foundation of a solid rhythm section that features Fred Hewton on drums, JC Croizet on bass guitar and Adam Loback on Vocals.Their objective was to write songs that had an aggressive, modern sound, but they wanted the songs to be dynamic too.

They wanted to achieve a sound that would allow each member of the band to showcase not only their power, but their subtle expressions too.

They envisioned having songs that were like short stories. Songs that would capture emotions and struggles of everyday life. The singer they visualized for the band would not only have to have the voice, they would need to have the ability to engage the listener with their lyrics.

Enter, Adam Loback. His unique cadence and phrasing was exactly what Fred and Jack had hope to find. His lyrics are visual, allowing you to immediately see the intention behind them. His singing can punch through the intensity of a song and also settle into the nuances of it too.