Steven Brackley – Had To End

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Had To End’ by Steven Brackley:

I am Steven Brackley, a new up and coming singer, songwriter, musician here in the states. I am a self taught musician who’s been writing songs since many years ago, including encouraging and uplifting lyrics in most of my songs.

I’ve been writing music and singing since many years ago. I feel like it is the time for me to step out and introduce myself with my talents in order to get recognised and appreciated by many listeners and viewers out there.

My music genre is pop, as it resonates and vibes with modern audiences nowadays. I also expand my genre to alternative to cater different listeners who might enjoy my music in general. As time goes by, I explore and adjust many genres of my music that fits to societies.

I aim to generate more viewers and attentions as many as possible, along with many audiences who like my music. I always respect and appreciate anyone and even everyone who deeply listens to my own songs and like it. To me, music is a tool to represent art and life as musician.

I enjoy performing and vibing with young people as well as young adults, because I like bringing young and fresh energy onto the stage, to the audience. And they usually like my stage presence when performing.

I am grateful to accept any opportunity to work together with any potential people around me in order to broaden my music to the next level. I look forward to what my future will bring to my music and life