Stanford Reid – State Of the Arts

Stanford Reid - State Of the Arts

State Of The Arts is the debut full length album by Brooklyn-based producer Stanford Reid.

Stanford Reid is a Brooklyn-Based singer/songwriter, actor, and producer who began his musical career playing piano and singing in the children’s choir at his family’s church. He continued his love for music, playing alto sax in junior and senior high. After crash landing into the real world shortly after high school, Reid found himself on a level many would call “rock bottom” and it was only his music that got him through those tough times. Reid pulled his life together and left his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and headed for Jersey City, New Jersey. There he went to college for cinematography, started an indie rock band Mob Barley, and soon after decided to go solo and began making Electronic Pop, Alt. R&B, and Chillwave instrumentals. Having difficulty placing artists on his tracks, Reid “dusted off” his old vocal chords and began writing songs for himself. He released his EP “Sounds Of Falling Trees” in Oct. 2014 and this lead to him signing a recording contract with Tate Music Group and releasing his full length debut. Reid is also an actor/model, screenwriter, and inventor. His plan is to use his talents and abilities to positively effect the World and society, as well as to lead people to peace and happiness. Reid attributes all of the positive changes in his life to the humanitarian principles he was taught at a young age by his father, Stanford Reid Sr. and his Buddhist practice.