Soulcare – The Scientist, A Tribute to Coldplay

Artistrack brings to you ‘The Scientist, A Tribute to Coldplay’ by Soulcare

Fronted by lead singer and producer Yann Gaslain and music producer and pianist Rodrigo Pahlen, Soulcare is a Barcelona-based jazz band bringing you original compositions as well as remodeled all-time classics all in service of music that stands the test of time and is catchy, and offering an unforgettable musical odyssey that will be resonating into our heart and soul for a very long time

The Scientist, a tribute to coldplay is the new song out from Soulcare Barcelona’s base jazz and soul band. As a personal tribute to coldplay and after their fantastic show in Barcelona end of May, the band as worked a new piece of jewelry musicall arragned by Rodrigo Pahlen and softly sung by Yann Gaslain with great feelings and emotions.
A big thanks and congratulations to the band gathered to produce this song:
Voice : Yann Gaslain @yanngas
Piano/harmonica: Rodrigo Pahlen @rodrigogpahlen
Drums: Nico Correa @nicolas_correa_vila
Bass: Antonino Restuccia @restucciantonino
Guitar: Octavio Hernandez @ohm.guitar
Chello : Andrea Amador
Viola : Uixi Amargós @uixii
Violin: Marta Cardona @mmartacar
Violin : Maria Roca
Recorded at Sol de Sants studio with Alberto Perez and mixed/masterized made by Patrick Petruchelli
Fotos and Filmings by April Road Studio