Soulcare – Je l’aime à mourir

Soulcare is back with a new song: JE LAIME À MOURIR.

September 2022 – Soulcare is an artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He has joust released a new work titled JE L’AIME À MOURIR.

This new piece of music expands on Soulcare’s next-level musicianship. He has the rare ability to create songs that are catchy, yet drenched in genuine emotion. The song title roughly translates into “I love you to death” and it feels like a genuine love song. It’s about that unique feeling of suddenly finding yourself caring for a loved one and feeling that your whole world revolves around that very special person.

Fans of classic songwriters such as Sting, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel or ELO are most definitely going to enjoy what they hear. The song has a classy and timeless vibe, yet it is incredibly modern and energetic in its own right. This is European pop-rock at its very best, although the music is so diverse that’s difficult to categorize it by normal standards and genre definitions.

JE L’AIME À MOURIR definitely deserves your attention!

Find out more about Soulcare on some of your favorite digital streaming services, and listen to JE L’AIME À MOURIR.



“I was nothing before, and suddenly today I am the guardian Of the sleep of her nights, I love her to death”.

Soulcare has a delivered again a new version of a beautiful song orginally composed by the French artist Francis Cabrel. Musically produced as always by Rodrigo Pahlen, playing the piano with these beautiful arpeggios and orginal harmonica.

“If you want to hear the sound of my heart beating and expressing my deepest love feelings to my beloved wife, well listen to this song” say Yann Gaslain as the lead vocal. This intimist cover, with the deep sound of the stand up bass played by Antonio Restuccia and the beautiful notes of the cello played by Andrea Amador, will remain in the history of this song and might become a new standard for lovers.

This song was recorded and produced in LaFloresta studio (Miguel Arce and Gilles Estoppey) and Sol de Sants studio (Alberto Perez). Mixing and Mastering at Ibiza (Patrick Petruchelli)