Soulcare – Fragile

Artistrack brings to you ‘Fragile’ by Soulcare

Fragile (Sting) by Soulcare is a new release of a single adding up to a serie of revisited covers, with Soul and jazz ambiance.
For Soulcare, this song is dedicated to the fragility of our world, the animal species, natural wonders and our own humanity which is under tremendous threat.

The song is a tribute to Ben Linder, an American civil engineer who was killed by the Contras in 1987 while working on a hydroelectric project in Nicaragua.

“Fragile” was the opening song in Sting’s …All This Time concert, recorded on the evening of the September 11 attacks in 2001. Sting performed the song with cellist Yo Yo Ma during the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The song appears in the 1995 Oscar-nominated documentary The Living Sea.
Sting also dedicated the song to both Ukraine and the women of Iran during his show in Oslo, Norway at 19 October 2022.

Musically arranged by Rodrigo Pahlen who is playing the piano and Yann Gaslain (leadvoice), together with Antonino Restuciano (contre Bass), Andrea Moral (cello) and Patrick Petruchelli (drums). Recorded at both LaFloresta Studio and Sol de Sants studio in Barcelona. Mixing and mastering by Patrick Petruchelli. Filming and videos by April studio with Fran Echevarria and Gastón Mac Culloch.