Sonic Break – You Got Me All Wrong

Sonic Break - You Got Me All Wrong

Sonic Break introducing brand new single: You Got Me All Wrong.

September 2020 – Sonic Break is a four piece band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada formed by vocalist and guitarist brothers Rory and Jamie Mackay along with bass player Dominic Leung and drummer Ryan Grohn. They recently released a brand new single with a fantastic approach to production, giving the audience an immersive listening experience, with some catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

“You Got Me All Wrong” is a song with some personal lyrics and a very positive melody, with a rock-pop twist. We love the beautiful vocals as well as the female parts kicking in after the chorus and as background vocals to add more depth to the harmonies. The sound of this track makes me think of artists as diverse as The Lumineers, as well as Mumford & Sons and even Coldplay. You should definitely give this song a go if you like any of those bands! The song also sports a slightly retro vibes, making me think of groups such as The Go-gos, or The Primitives, among others. The band’s sound tips the hat off to 90s alternative rock, although it also features some pop and indie-folk influences, spicing up the mix.

Ultimately, this song exemplifies the band’s formula, and their ability to write catchy music that is also very easy to relate to.