Skull N Tones – Whip

Skull N Tones releasing new track, “Whip.”

Skull N Tones is more than just a musical act: it’s a movement. This edgy music production duo is based in New York City. The pair is all about combining the aggressive edge of modern trap, with the massive punch of EDM music. As a result, their sound combines catchy melodies with hard-hitting beats, embracing a really broad range of influences.

The song kicks in with an intro that borrows from classic trap influences, but the uniqueness of their music comes in right away. Instead of just dropping like an average trap beat would, “Whip” introduced a typical lush EDM clap, with a massive club-style drop. The bass is absolutely astonishing, making for a really unique feel and a fantastic attitude.

“Whip” is a remarkable example of modern production aesthetics, as well as creative songwriting chops, giving Skull N Tones an upfront, yet universally appealing sound.

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