Silvie Rockova – Bohemian Meadow (Review)

Silvie Rockova presents: “Bohemian Meadow” (review)

January 2022 – Silvie Rockova is an artist who has recently announced a new release: “Bohemian Meadow”.

As soon as you start listening to Silvie Rockova’s music, you’ll immediately understand one thing: this is not your average artist! The performer’s creativity is truly distinctive, and “Bohemian Meadow” stands out as a perfect example of this.

The track was actually composed in a very organic way, channeling the spontaneous sound of birds and the natural elements surrounding the artist. Silvie Rockova wanted to create a peaceful, relaxing and meditative track to help people heal and feel soothed. The smooth production and sound really hit the mark here, and Silvie Rockova definitely achieved the goal with “Bohemian Meadow”.

Not only is the production incredibly natural and soothing, but the natural flow of this release is incredibly inspiring and one-of-a-kind.

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