My Silent Bravery – Drunk Off The Sun

My Silent Bravery, a.k.a., the one-man musical powerhouse Matt Wade, ‘Drunk Off the Sun’ video premiered on just as the height of the summer season gets underway. The video has become top #1 trending video in Brazil which this year will host the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janiero. Powered by a feel-good vibe, reggae pulse, and infectious melody, “Drunk Off the Sun” has all the makings of a summer anthem. With uplifting sing-along lyrics like, “Drunk off the sun/Soaking up the summer fun/Finally found a way to keep refilling our cups,” the tune and accompanying music video are overflowing with the positivity and inspiring tone of all of My Silent Bravery’s signature work.

“A silver lining runs through this record and a lot of my music,” explains the Worcester, Massachusetts-bred Matt Wade, adding “that’s intentional. When I go out to play shows, it’s not about me. It’s about the audience. That’s what I want listeners to walk away with. I hope they’ll feel more uplifted than when they came.”