shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs – Cali’s Corp.

shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs - Cali's Corp.

shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs presents his latest project ‘Cali’s Corp.’

This song was a small little test. I wanted to see how it would go if I were to go into 80’s. I tried my hand at the retro synthwave genre and this is what came up. I was surprised at how it turned out to be. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this a lot more.