Seth Anthony – Roughnecks Fall in Love

Seth Anthony: Country Artist releases the Official Music Video for inspiring new single ‘Roughnecks Fall in Love’

Seth Anthony is much more than your average music artist: he is a natural-born storyteller, with a passion for sharing insightful narrative with his audience.

In addition to writing sounds inspired by the melodies of contemporary country music, Seth Anthony has also been writing a number of short stories, inspired by his own experiences through life. Back in 2017, he moved to Tampa Bay, where he finally started to move his first steps within the music scene, hitting the Executive Studios in Clearwater to record new material, as well as networking with industry insiders.

From the get-go, Seth managed to impress the audience, critics and fellow musicians alike – not only because of the sheer appeal and earnest honesty of his songwriting, but also for the fact that he hit the recording studio so effortlessly, even without much previous experience. His highly anticipated single “Roughnecks Fall In Love” is a prime example of his personal songwriting skills and beautiful song structure, blinking an eye to revered performers in the genre, including Garth Brooks or Brad Paisley, just to mention a few.

Find out more about Seth Antohny, and do not miss out on his debut single, which was also released with a music video:

Artist Bio

Seth Anthony (Born Feburary 14, 1986) in Fort Pierce, Florida is an Independent American Country music singer and songwriter. Anthony started making music at the age of 17, where he was inspired from his Mother growing up who was also an aspiring singer and songwriter from Tennessee. Growing up, Seth Anthony was influenced by music artists such as Garth Brooks & Eminem, hence his diverse style. Seth Anthony had a somewhat troubled upbringing with his Father passing when he was 21. “Roughnecks Fall In Love” is a song that explains how Seth Anthony is transforming out of his roughneck roots and beginning to grow feelings for a woman.