Sean Kelley – You Me And This Beer

Sean Kelley presents: You Me And This Beer.

January 2022 – Sean Kelley is an artist based in Granada Hills, Ca. His sound could be described as a quintessential blend of modern pop, with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics for days! His most recent single, You Me And This Beer couldn’t have been a better taste. What makes this song so special is that it has somewhat of a romantic twist to it, but the song is still also quite energetic, tipping the hat off to artists such as Ben Rector, James Arthur or James TW, only to mention but a few. Sean knows what it takes to make a melody stand out, and its charismatic personality is the perfect glue that holds the mix together so seamlessly. Ultimately, this is something that you should definitely check out if you like fresh pop songs with a more positive attitude, and some lyrics that are more genuine and fun to relate to!

Find out more about Sean Kelley, and do not miss out on “You Me And This Beer,” which is already available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms.